Mobility. Charge Carrier Transport in Organic Semiconductor. Measurement of Electron / Hole Mobility. Time of Flight Measurement (TOF). Dark Injection Transient (DIT). Charge Extraction by Linearly Increasing Voltage (CELIV). Low Temperature Measureme

Model Name  Time of Flight Measurement System T3000
System Model  T3000 N2X : N2 Laser / T3000 NDY : Nd YAG Laser
System Option  S : Standard Option / T : Low Temperature Option / C : Dark Injection & CELIV Function Option
System Configuration  Laser, Oscilloscope, High Voltage Sourcemeter, Signal Amplifier, Loader & Trigger Unit, Optical Unit(Focusing Lens, Beam Splitter, Photodetector, Sample Mounting Unit, Dark Box & System Frame, (Option) Dye Laser, Probe Unit, Low Temperature Unit(Cryostat, Temperature Controller, Vacuum Accessories)
Dimension  Size(mm) : 2,400 x 800 x 1,600 / Weight(kg) : <200kg / Utility : 220V, 15A, 99.999% N2 Gas
Sample  Organic Materials (Electron, Hole)
Sample Size / Type  Glass Size : <50mm x 50mm / Active Area : >2mm x 2mm / Top and Bottom Type
Beam Size  <2mm x 2mm
Measure Time Range  4nsec ~ 10s/div
Transit Time Min. Measure Time  Min. 1usec
Mobility Measure Range  10-6 cm2/V.sec @ 1um Sample Thickness
Measure/Analysis Item  Transit Time, Mobility, Zero Mobility, E-Field vs Mobility, Temperature vs Mobility