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Channel  64Channel
Configuration  8Ch per 1subrack @ 5A
Size(mm)  (W)700 x (D)2,000 x (H)1,000
Weight  < 200kg
Power  220V/15A/Ø1
Communication  Ethernet
Connection  4 wire Kelvin Cable
Cycle Control  CC/CV, CC, CP, CR, Pattern
Voltage Setting range (resolution)  -2.0V ~ +5.5V ( 550μV)
Reading range (resolution)  ±5.5V (550μV)
 ±500mV + DC canceling (50μV)
 ±100mV + DC canceling (10μV)
Reading resolution  550μV, 50μV, 10μV
Accuracy  ±0.1% of F.S.
Current  -5A ~ +5A /
 -500mA ~ +500mA /
 -50mA ~ +50mA /
 -5mA ~ +5mA /
Temperature  Thermocouple K-type (±1℃@-20℃~+85℃, ±2℃@-200℃~+700℃)
Storage time interval  Minimum 100ms
Measurement items  OCV, DCR, ACR, TRA
TRA Rise/Fall time  <200μs @ Li-ion 5Ah load, 0->5A ( 10 ~ 90% )
Time resolution  30μs
Sampling time  100μs ~ 10s
Voltage accuracy  ±0.1%
ACR Output  Current control
Frequency  1KHz ( Option : 1mHz ~ 1KHz )
Accuracy  ±0.5%
Function  Charge/Discharge Mode, Measurement Mode
Operation Mode  (Set Parameter)
 Charge/Discharge Mode, End Condition, Safety Condition, Save Condition
 (Measure Parameter)
 Charge/Discharge Characteristics, OCV, ACR, DCR, TRA
Measurement Mode  (TRA) Time vs. Voltage, Time vs. Current, TRA Resistance
 (ACR) Real Z at 1kHz, Option (1μHz ~ 10KHz)
 (DCR) R_DC = (V1 – V2) / (l1 – l2), KS C IEC 61960-2
 (OCV) Voltage Monitoring
Sequence Line  Max. 200 Line
Data File Format  Excel Compatible CSV Format (2 Type)
 - Charge/Discharge Data File
 - Measurement Data File
Charge/Discharge Mode  CC/CV, CC, CP, CR
End Condition  Time, Voltage, Current, Temperature, Capacity, Energy, Power, Delta T, Delta V
Safety Condition  Max./Min. Voltage, Max./Min. Current, Max./Min. Capacity, Max./Min. Temperature
Save Condition  Delta Time, Delta Current, Delta Voltage, Delta Temperature