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Channel #  4CH (Independent Configuration)
Test Board #  1 ea
Mode  Voltage Control, Current Measurement
Output Connection  2Probe, 3Probe, 4Probe
Voltage Control Range  -10V ~ +10V
Capability  10mA
Resolution  16bit DAC
Accuracy  < 0.1% of full scale
Stability  <0.1%/h after 30 min. warming up
Scan Rate  10mV/sec ~ 100V/sec
Frequency  0.001 ~ 100Hz
Setting Parameter  Voltage Sweep Range, Volatge Step, Scan Rate, Cycle
Current Measurement Configuration  Zero Resistance Ammeter
Range  4 Decades (10μA, 100μA, 1mA, 10mA)
Resolution  16bit ADC
Accuracy  < 0.01% of full scale
Stability  <0.1%/h after 30 min. warming up
Sampling Rate  40ksps
Measurement Parameter  Cycle, Time, Voltage, Current, Epc / Ipc / Epa / Ipa
Time  1sec ~ 65,000 hrs
Measured Data  Voltage, Current, Time
Operating Temperature  20℃ ~ 30℃
PC Interface  Serial / LAN
Dimension  450mm(W) x 300mm(D) x 150mm(H)
Weight  < 10 Kg
Line Voltage  220V 1Ø 50 ~ 60Hz, <3A