Product Model  M7000 Auto I-V-L Test System
Standard Model  PMX : Cell / AMX : Panel / MDX : Moduel
System Configuration  Lifetime Tester, Driving Unit, JIG, Spectroradiometer, XYZ Motion Stage, Test Software
Channel  Standard 32ch User Selectable
Motion Stage Type  XYZ Auto Control Linear Motion (User Option : Ratation Auto Motion for Viewing Angle Measurement)
Stroke  X : 1,000mm, Y : 1,000mm, Z : 300mm
Resolution  ±0.1mm
Vision  CCD Camera for Alignment and Focusing
Driving Source Model  PMX  AMX  MDX
Type  Lifetime Tester & SMU  Panel Pattern Generator  Module Pattern Generator
Operating Mode  Simple Power (2 Probe/4 Probe)  Main Power, Sub Power, Signal  Display Interface (RGB, LVDS, MIPI)
Voltage Range  Max. 20V  Max. 20V  Max. 20V
Current Range  Max. 1A  Max. 1A  Max. 1A User Selectable
Optical Unit Type  Colorimeter / Spectroradiometer User Selectable
Wavelength Range  380nm ~ 780nm User Selectable
User Option  Thermostation, Viewing Angle, Impedance Measurement, Flexible Device
Measurement Time  Motion Movement Time + Vision Process Time + Measurement Time
Measuremtn Item  Time, Voltage, Current, Luminance, Efficiency, CCT, CRI, Chromaticity, Spectrum, Temperature
PC Interface  TCP/IP, RS-232, USB2.0

Automation. Multi-Channel. Lifetime. I-V-L. Temperature. Multi-Channel Lifetime and IVL Test for OLEDs. I-V-L Measurement. Device Light Measurement. Unit Cell/Panel/Module. Module Inspection. Auto Motion Control and Focusing. Luminance Measurement Using Spectroradiometer. Temperature Cycling Test.