Automation. Multi-Channel. Lifetime. I-V-L. Temperature. Multi-Channel Lifetime and IVL Test for OLEDs. I-V-L Measurement. Device Light Measurement. Unit Cell/Panel/Module. Module Inspection. Auto Motion Control and Focusing. Luminance Measurement Using Spectroradiometer. Temperature Cycling Test.

Product Name M7000 Auto I-V-L Test System
Capacity 32ch / Unit (Depends on Sample Size)
Motion Stage Type XYZ Auto Control Linear Motion (User Option : Rotation Auto Motion for Viewing Angle Measurement)
Stroke X : 1,000mm, Y : 1,000mm, Z : 300mm
Resolution ±0.1mm
Vision CCD Camera for Alignment and Focusing
Driving Source Model PMX AMX MDX
Type Lifetime Tester & SMU Panel Pattern Generator & SMU Module Pattern Generator & SMU
Operating Mode Simple Power (2 Probe/4 Probe) Main Power, Sub Power, Signal Display Interface (RGB, LVDS, MIPI)
Voltage Range Max. 20V Max. 20V Max. 20V
Current Range Max. 1A Max. 1A Max. 1A
Optical Unit Type Colorimeter / Spectroradiometer
Wavelength Range 380nm ~ 780nm
User Option Thermostation, Viewing Angle, Impedance Measurement, Flexible Device
Measurement Item Time, Voltage, Current, Luminance, Efficiency, CCT, CRI, Chromaticity, Spectrum, Temperature
PC Interface TCP/IP, RS-232, USB2.0