Product Name M6200 OLED Transient EL/PL Test System
Function Transient Electroluminescence Measurement (T-EL Option)
Time Resolved Photoluminescence Measurement (T-PL Option)
Pulse Generator
(for T-EL)
Frequency 1uHz ~ 10MHz
Amplitude / DC Offset 1mVpp to 10Vpp into 50ohm / ±5V into 50ohm
Trigger Single / Continuous / Burst Mode
(for T-PL)
Type Nd:Yag Pulse Laser
Wavelength 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm
Energy 8mJ@355nm, 25mJ@532nm, 50mJ@1064nm
Pulse Duration 3-5ns @ 355nm, 3-5ns @ 532nm, 5-7ns @ 1064nm
Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Bandwidth 500MHz
Oscilloscope Sampling Rate 5GSa/s
Light Detector Photo Multiplier Tube with 1nsec Rise Time
I-V Converter 50ohm Load Resistor or Preamplifier with 200MHz Bandwidth and 1.8ns Rise Time
Temperature Option Cryostat System using Liquid Nitrogen (Temperature Range : 85K ~ 475K)