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Model Name  Solar Cell Reliability Test System K3600
System Model  (2 Models According to Lamp Type) MH : Metal Halide Lamp / PLS : Plasma Lamp
System Option  Illumination Area Size No. 100, 300, 350, 400, 500
System Configuration  SimuLight Light Source(MH, PLS Lamp), Temp Humidity Chamber, DeJign Test Jig(Multi-Cell), Source Measure Unit, Reference Cell
Illumination Area  100mm x 100mm ~ 500mm x 500mm
Illumination Light Spectrum  0.75 ~ 1.25% (AM 1.5G) (Using PLS)
Illumination Light Unifomity  <5% (Using PLS)
Illumination Light Stability  <0.5 % (STI), <2% (LTI) (Using PLS)
Voltage Range / Accuracy  -20V ~ 20V / 0.1% Accuracy
Current Range / Accuracy  ±20A, ±2A/±200mA, ±20mA/±2mA, ±200uA ?/ ?0.1% Accuracy (Multi-Range)
One Step Measurement Time  0.1 usec ~ 1 sec
Function  1 Sun Feedback
Measurement Data  Voltage, Current, Temperature, Irradiance (Ref), LID, Light Soaking
Analysis Item  Isc, Voc, Imax, Vmax, Pmax, FF, Efficiency, Rs, Rsh, Time
Lamp Lifetime  PLS >10,000 hour, MH >2,000 hour