Frequency Response Analysis FRA

Impedance Measurement

  • Apply a Sinusoidal Current Wave of a Set Frequency
  • Simultaneously Measure the Current and the Voltage Response
  • Compute the Complex Impedance Value
  • Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)

  • Measure the Impedance Spectrum through a Range of Frequencies
  • Display the Impedance Result as Nyquist and Bode Plots
  • Transient Response Analysis TRA

    Transient Response Analysis (TRA)

  • Apply a Constant Current Step
  • Measure the Voltage Response as a Function of Time
  • Compute the Temporal Change of the Internal Resistance
    by Dividing the Voltage Change by the Current Applied
  • Li-ion Cell Parameter Test with TRA

  • Li-ion Cell Test with Partial Charge and Discharge
  • Extract DC Dynamic Internal Resistance Parameter
  • Predict Open Circuit Voltage
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