Test Recipe (1) Concept

Editor : Mr.Overain

 McScience’s ModenJay® Platform utilizes ‘test recipes’ that act as the user interface for unit parameter test procedures. Test recipes contain all the information required for unit parameter tests where the users can input the measurement conditions and that the test results are saved and analyzed as determined within the recipes.

 Test recipes are represented in the ModenJay® program as individual icons distinguished by their colors and texts within.

< Single recipes used in secondary battery parameter tests. >

 A characteristic feature of ModenJay® platform is that that the test recipes can be arranged in a sequence to perform each test consecutively. Such a sequence is named ‘Metro Sequence’ in ModenJay®. This provides a convenient methodology to deal with a lengthy string of various test experiments since the measurement conditions set by the user are transmitted to the measurement device and performed automatically. Metro Sequence supports loops of an arbitrary string of test recipes and also varying certain measurement conditions in each cycle. Such loops of tests are represented as so-called ‘Repeat recipes’ illustrated as pentagons in the ModenJay® platform. An Repeat recipe can sequentially vary a certain variable for the users to test the parameter dependency to the variable.

< Example of Metro Sequence >

 Each test recipe of ModenJay platform consists of various information including the test measurement condition, the result data and metadata to represent the raw data, and eigenplot that represents the result in a standardized plotting format.

Information about metadata and eigenplot will be provided in another article.