ModenJay® Extensible Experiment Platform (MXXP)

Editor : Mr.Overain

 McScience’s parameter test systems use a common software platform for each of different measurement software, namely ModenJay® Extensible Experiment Platform (MXXP), to perform various test experiments within the program.

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 Each measurement software provides a number of unit test procedures as required regarding the field of interest and the purpose of experiments. The unit test procedures available in ModenJay® Platform are called ‘Test Recipes’, and there are approximately 50 different recipes to be provided. ModenJay® Extensible Experiment Platform is extensible in the sense that additional test recipes can be applied to the platform depending on the field and the type of test experiments. Thus McScience is planning to constantly update various test recipes that are demanded by our customers.

< Various test recipes represented by their icons >

 A characteristic feature of ModenJay® Platform is that the unit test procedures can be arranged in a so-called ‘Metro Sequence’, a string of test recipes, so that the measurement device can automatically perform a complex sequence of measurement tests. The users can build, edit and save the Metro Sequence in the software.

< Example of Metro Sequence >

A detailed explanation of test recipes will be provided in the next article.