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New challenges of renewable energy

 Until the first half of 2014 Dubai oil price hovering around $ 110 a barrel, has recently paraded down under $ 85 and is attracting the attention where to go down. The current decline is affected by the short term impact of changes in the situation in the Middle East and the world economic fluctuations, in the long-term is affected by the impact which the production increase of unconventional fossil energy, shale gas has on the global energy industry. Accordingly, oil prices would try and lower oil prices will move to the bottom of $ 75 a barrel regarded as the break-even point of shale gas production and have its impact on the overall power industry.

 Photovoltaic industry, now approaching the balance between supply and demand through the fierce industry restructuring and cost reduction for years in order to eliminate the excess supply, also faces with new challenges to remain a Grid Parity and to extend against the ambush of Shale Gas. I think that in addition to the efforts to improve the economy through continuing innovation and cost savings, opening a new breakthrough by combination and fusion in many respects of market, application, technology, industry, etc. is also an important strategy for the PV industry growth.

Combination and fusion of applications, market, industry and techniques

 For example, BIPV (Building Integrated PV) combining solar and building has now been frequently seen around us. Recently in DIPV (Device Integrated PV), VIPV (Vehicle Integrated PV) trying to develop applications taking advantage of photovoltaic technologies is underway. When the first half of the year Google has acquired Titan AeroSpace, a solar drone developer from Facebook, it would put the solar technology, solar drone by means of global Internet network construction in mind.

(Figure 1) BIPV system installed in new construction of public buildings.?

(Figure 2) Solar Drone (Source:

 In order to push more renewable energy power which has large volatility depending on weather conditions and daily time zone in grid, energy storage devices for maintaining the stability of the grid and storing temporarily idle power will play an important role. Recently owing to the remarkable development of secondary battery, ESS (Energy Storage System) combined photovoltaic is emerging as a new market for the power industry. Also by predicting the load demand and output power fluctuation of renewable energy through big data processing owing to the development of information and communication, technologies that optimize the energy mix of the conventional power generation will raise the portion of renewable power capacity in the grid . When viewed from this side, increasing the proportion of gas power generation with good load change tracking speed would also be beneficial to the dissemination of renewable energy power with large volatility such as photovoltaic power generation.

 On the other hand, if the electric vehicle penetration increases, not only solar electric vehicles, but also the charging stations combined with photovoltaic power generation which could skip the expansion problem of the present conventional power generation and distribution system by supplying the electricity from the photovoltaic power generation, will try to come up with a promising application market.

 When viewed the convergence in terms of technological development, by stacking up Perovskite solar cell which conversion efficiency rose up sharply in the recent months on the crystalline silicon solar cell or the inorganic thin film solar cells, earning 3~5% in the efficiency of the present solar cell is expected.

McScience energy blog – space of communication

 Having provided customers with technical solutions of the electrical and optical measurement and inspection technologies in the field of solar cells, secondary batteries, and OLED, McScience is located in a favorable position to somehow visualize a new technology solution, application products and market through mixing the related technologies. In this point, it is a meaningful work that McScience opens a blog in energy field to share a clue of this initiative with customers and to induce the creative ideas mutually.

 In the energy blog reviewing energy, in particular renewable energy technology, industry and market, we would like to discuss with our customers how McScience develop and provide the measurement and inspection technology solution in energy technology field. Once a month I will post texts on the following topics and with open ears to customer voice we will choose the themes

Future posting plan

– Overview on PV Industry Value Chain
– Solar Technology Reviews
– 2014 PV market, news summarized and 2015 outlook
– Photovoltaic Systems Case Collection
– PV niche markets, consumer applications review
– Review on McScience’s measurement, inspection technology for solar application
– Essay about Conferences or Exhibitions visited
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