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  • McScience is active in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of test and inspection systems for various high-tech industries and collaborates closely with leading research institutions in the World. By close cooperation in the different fields of the application of organic semiconductors McScience can fulfill any special customer requirements in the fields of science and research as well as development and production.

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Winds are blowing now.

And by the lee, the McScience is leaving on another voyage, hanging new web logos, and loaded by new products. Whatever the trouble, we will keep our way, passion and efforts to change the world. I really hope on this new journey, people enjoys meeting with us and McScience will contribute to the cooperation with you and to your success.

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We always welcome your visit.

Finally, a new window connecting to McScience has been opened. We hope you see a new world with McScience through the new window McScience will guide you to the new world.

Phone +82-31-206-5789, Email sales@mcscience.com

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Where there is a will there is a way.

It is my pleasure to share with many customers our company and products. We’ll focus on enhancing the brand value than seeking immediate profits.

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Think of the end before you begin.

I look forward to sharing more insights and inspiration.McScience team hopes you’ll find value here, and that you’ll let us know if there’s anything you’d like to hear more about.

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Effort is the best way to realizing your dreams.

I look forward to Providing customer-needs-based products for more than 15years, we are truly proud to support our customers creating value for the world. Now we invite our valuable customers to online world. Let’s connect!

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Try your best rather than be the best.

I’m inspired by a simple vision like helping customers realize the full potential of scientific instrument so that they can enjoy and benefit from these dazzling new technologies.

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If you don’t walk today, you will have to run tomorrow.

Today, batteries are all around us. McScience will try to lead the market by rolling out unique battery measurement solutions and products designed to meet the diverse needs of customers.