PV Exhition Epilogue


 McScience participated in the PV Taiwan 2015 during October 14-16 2015 and attracted the attention of more than 3,000 Photovoltaic industry enterprises and buyers that gathered from all over the country.

 A large crowd of visitors gathered at this exhibition, proving that the PV Taiwan exhibition was indeed the world’s largest Photovoltaic exhibition.

 The researchers and students who visited the McScience booth were very interested in the Solar Cell I-V Test System. Products analyzing the surface of the cell and modules such as EL (Electroluminescence Imaging) & PL (Photoluminescence Imaging) especially attracted the interest of enterprising companies. All in all, the booth provided an excellent chance to get to know the needs of various customers and to get to see the most current technological advances.

 The consistent stream of guests visiting this Exhibition allowed for many opportunities to meet new buyers, and the Exhibition itself is expected to provide significant benefits in the future.

 In addition, with the collaborative efforts of both A.Optek and McScience, a joint booth showcasing the products of both companies was set up without difficulty.

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