OLED World Summit 2015


 The recently concluded OLED World Summit had everything an OLED enthusiast would want: excellent hands-on exhibits, networking, and plenty of wisdom on tap. It was spectacular. The summit is an annual event now in its 16th year.

 The major players and representatives from business, academia, media, and consultancies were there in force, just a bit shy of 300 attendees. Many were first- or second-time attendees, and the attendance rolls must have had reps from 20 or more different industries.

 The exhibitors at the gathering were happy to talk up their lights. The tone of the conference reminded me of college days: lots of technical information to take in, and a festive, cordial, “evening in Berkeley” vibe at day’s end. The venue, The Claremont Resort, was another plus of the experience. It’s a swanky, classy, century-old hotel.

 A hot topic on day 3 of the conference was the commercialization of printed, flexible and transparent OLEDS.
It is delivering significant improvements in light extraction and efficiency for numerous OLED lighting applications. These new OLED materials will enable market to deliver new OLED Lighting devices with unprecedented light extraction and cost efficiencies.

 I highly recommend that anyone with an interest in OLEDs make plans to attend The OLED World Summit in 2016.

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