Nanjing Tech Univ. OLED Conference China

2015/11/ 2

 From 12th to 14th Oct, 2015, McScience attended the 9th National and Global Chinese Conference on Organic Molecules & Polymer Light-Emitting Materials and Their Optoelectronic Properties held in Nanjing, China. The conference was organized by the Committee on Luminescence of Chinese Physical Society, Nanjing Tech University. The university has a history of more than one hundred years of a good tradition in the field of organic electronics and optoelectronics, so the conference draw attention of a number of academicians and entrepreneurs.

 The conference not only aimed at bringing together engineers and scholars but also having industrial professionals exploring networking and sharing innovative ideas of future opportunities.

 McScience could have a chance to introduce our brand and products to prospective customers, leading scientists, promising engineers and students.

 According to BSYH, our business partner in China, there were more than 1,200 attendees and we could expect meaningful results by consistently expanding academic networks as well.

Hope the remarkable achievement in the near future.

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