McScience’s Solar Simulator was introduced to president Park Geun-hye


 President Park Geun-hye celebrated the opening of the Chungnam Center for Creative Economy at an industrial complex in 22th May, 2015. On TV news, McScience’s Solar Simulator (K3000 Xe330) for measurement solar efficiency, was introduced to president and participants included Science and ICT.

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President Park Geun-hye listening attentively McScience’s Solar Simulator System presented by Dr.Lee Man-guen.
(Left: Dr.Lee Man-guen, Right: President Park Geun-hye)

*Chungnam Center for Creative Economy
 The center aims to attract small and medium-sized firms in the field of solar power to help their R&D activities and the commercialization of related technologies, while offering consultations for their global expansion.