ICSM 2016


 In Guangzhou, China, ICSM2016 Conference and Exhibition was held from 26th Jun to 1st July. International Conference on the Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals, ICSM 2016 is one of the longest running conference series in the field of conducting and semiconducting organic materials started in 1976 in Hungary.

As much as its reputation, more than 1,200 of researchers and relevant industrial professionals registered and had fruitful time sharing the latest studies and technological development.

 During the conference and exhibition, McScience presented “M3000 OLED Parameter Test System” for the first time in China market and it drew considerable attention among the exhibiting products. The new “M3000” excludes the darkroom to compactify the system, and also utilizes McScience’s original components. Typical test systems are large in volume and its cost is not ignorable for young innovators to perform their own studies.

 Expecting lots of opportunities with the M3000, we would like to extend our special gratitude and appreciation to all those who visited our exhibiting booth.

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