2014 China FPD Conference, Nanjing, China


  • Get Ready at Nanjing

  •  McScience Inc. attended 2014 China FPD Conference, Nanjing, China. It was held from October 23 to 24. Nanjing was warmer than Korea. The sky was clear and the air was fresh, because it rained the day before. The weather couldn’t be better for the promotion of our new products. Nanjing was a place for YOG(Youth Olympic Games, 16-28 August), but it was already two months ago and there was nothing except several information signs about it. Unfortunately, Korea didn’t register the name within Top 10 Rank. Due to our early arrival(2014/10/22), we had enough time to double check readiness for the conference.

  • The Interchange Place

  •  About 400 people joined 2014 China FPD and enjoyed learning advanced technology together. There were four divisions, such as TFT-LCD, OLED, OLED Materials and 3D Display. OLED researchers were interested in our new product, T4000 Organic Semiconductor Parameter Test System. Especially, several researchers who want to characterize their new materials asked us how to prepare their sample for measurement using T4000. And most of people focused on new tools for advanced display technology, especially flexible display. So some visitors showed their interest in our product, T6000 Encapsulation Test System. In this conference, McScience had great experience of hearing customer’s voice.

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 Several companies showed their products and technology. However, the conference seems to focus on exchanging academic knowledge rather than providing industrial opportunities. Some students and researchers were honored with a special academy award for their noble work. And it was great experience to meet and take a picture with Professor Chin W. Tang who is the inventor of several groundbreaking electronic devices.

 The pleasure of promoting new products and meeting advanced researchers… It is the way McScience enjoys the conference.